Discussion at The Park

The Park Tavern

The Bollington Brewing Company


What would de Beauvoir do?


– What do we think feminism is, how would we define it?
– Simone de Beauvoir inspired the above book title; and my notes. Have any other
feminist writers you’ve read influenced your views?

Feminism in relation to:

– Politics and Power e.g. Is feminism just a white woman’s thing?
– Dating and Relationships e.g. Who cares if I have a partner?
– Marriage and Domestic Life e.g. Should I take my partner’s name after marriage?
– Work and Pay e.g. My boss is insisting I wear high heels to works this legal?
– Women in the Media e.g. Dare I share my opinions online?
– It’s MY body e.g. Why am I afraid to walk down the street?

I read: ‘What would de Beauvoir do? How the greatest feminists would solve your
everyday problems’ by Tabi Jackson Gee and Freya Rose. Chapter 5 was my
favourite chapter, entitled: Women in the Media. Which included questions such as
‘Why am I so obsessed with what celebrities look like?’ and ‘Is technology sexist?’
From Zoe Quinlan

Please arrive early to allow for a prompt start at 7:30pm.

The idea goes back to Socrates – asking big questions, discussing them with others and learning together in an informal way. The discussions are open to anyone from aged 16yrs onwards.

No prior knowledge required. Free of charge. Please arrive early to allow for a prompt start at 7:30pm.

Discussion at The Park – Macclesfield’s place where moral dilemmas, philosophical ideas and the real world meet for a discussion over a snack and a drink. The group is supported by an education charity – The Raymond Williams Foundation


Wednesday 18 September 2019 7:30pm


The Park Tavern