July SciBar

The Vale Inn

The Bollington Brewing Company


Solar Energy and its journey from the centre of the Sun to your electric kettle

Prof George King, The Photon Science Institute from the University of Manchester

The amount of solar energy received by planet Earth in one hour is as much energy as the whole of civilization uses in one year. We have the job of harvesting this renewable energy as effectively and efficiently as possible. In this presentation, solar energy will be described from its birth in the centre of the Sun through its journey to Earth to the harnessing of this energy by various technologies. This involves a wide range of physical principles from nuclear fusion to radiation physics and thermodynamics. Ways in which solar energy can be stored when the Sun is not shining will also be described.

Event starts 6.30 pm at The Vale Inn, Adlington Road, Bollington.

As always, anyone from Junior School age onward is very welcome. You don’t need to be an expert. Just bring an inquisitive mind!

Admission is free and as always arrive early to guarantee a good seat.


Monday 8 July


The Vale Inn